Event Planning



Nothing shows just how special an event is, quite like custom branded items. Whether it's a party, a meeting, fundraiser, or any other special occasion, an event with unique custom items is far more memorable and enjoyable for everyone who attends.  Put your  company logo or event theme logo on all of the items for a great branding opportunity. Your brand will live on long after the event is over. Interia offers thousands of products that can be branded, for use in any event. We can also help you plan the event to make it a success.
The following are some of the events that we can help you plan.

Tradeshows and Conferences
We can help you plan for your next tradeshow or conference, from the selection of your tradeshow display or exhibit, banners, printed literature, to the swag branded giveaways.


Holidays & Company Parties
Interia can help you plan your next company party, including venue selection, theme, catering, branded drinkware and gifts for attendees.  

Meetings & Banquets
Memorable awards and branded gifts presented to customers or employees at meetings, departmental events, and banquets reinforce the purpose of your event. We can help you select custom awards or branded gifts for special events, to   ensure everyone feels the company spirit and gets the recognition they deserve.

Golf Events
Interia can also, help you plan your next golf event to make sure it is a success.  From the selection of the golf course, banquet services, to the branding of the hottest golf promotional products including, golf balls, towels, tees, umbrellas and apparel.  Present your customers, employees, and attendees with memorable gifts at you next golf event.

We can assist with coordinating the fundraiser events, including venue location, working with sponsors and selection of branding items for your event.